Healthy and comfortable indoor climate with AirMotion®
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Enjoy a comfortable feeling at home

We spend much of our lives indoors. The indoor air can be of poor quality without us noticing. Not only is this less good for our health, the comfort of the indoor climate is also less. AirMotion® is changing this. The AirMotion® system has therefore been developed to achieve the most optimal comfort in terms of comfort indoors. Unlike a traditional central heating system, the temperature, humidity and fresh air are regulated in such a way that the indoor climate is healthier and optimal.

The system is also fully electric. That means no gas is needed. The comfort and coziness of the indoor climate is increased, while hardly any air movement takes place.

Everything in one socket

The AirMotion® system is all in one: heating, cooling, ventilating and fresh air on 1 socket. The system completely replaces traditional heating systems. The system uses sensors to measure the indoor climate in your home over 50 different parameters and adjust it into a comfortable climate. The air is introduced into the room in a targeted and controlled manner, creating an even temperature.

To heat

To heat

The fresh outside air is preheated with the exhaust air from the home (heat recovery) and further heated by the heat pump. This saves more energy.

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No more drafts and more pulling with the AirMotion® system. Where traditional ventilation systems blow the air into the room at a considerable speed, the AirMotion® system ensures a more targeted introduction of the air.

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Not only can the air be heated with the AirMotion® system, it can also be cooled with this system. This way you always benefit from an optimal comfortable indoor climate in the home.

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Frisse lucht

Fresh air

The fresh outside air is filtered by AirMotion® and mixed quickly and efficiently with the air present in the room. This way you always have healthy fresh air and that offers maximum comfort.

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The system

The AirMotion® system consists of a heat recovery unit, heat pump, innovative control technology with many sensors and a sound-damping chimney for the supply and return air, which ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

Provide a comfortable indoor climate

Unfortunately, we cannot control the outside climate, but with the AirMotion® system you can ensure a comfortable indoor climate.

Optimal indoor climate = comfort

Research has shown that various factors influence people's sense of comfort. Among other things, the air temperature, air speed, water vapor pressure and relative humidity influence the comfort. When all these factors are optimal, the comfort is achieved.

AirMotion® is the only system based on comfort theory. The system therefore ensures that the indoor climate is always within comfort limits.

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AirMotion®: nothing new under the sun

The AirMotion® system is based on physical laws that were already described in the 19th century. A regulated pressure reduces the draft experience and creates a constant, homogeneous temperature experience.

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