Heating, cooling, ventilating and fresh air in one, that is the AirMotion® system. This system makes heating and air conditioning unnecessary. Instead of radiators, air vents are concealed in the wall, floor or ceiling. It is a unique system in realizing the most optimal comfortable comfort. The big advantage of the AirMotion® system is that, in addition to the temperature, it also regulates the humidity and fresh air. This means that you always enjoy an optimal, comfortable indoor climate.

The uniqueness of AirMotion®

AirMotion® is unique in realizing optimal comfort at home and is based on the laws of physics. Thanks to these principles, which are built into the patented software of AirMotion®, the system can provide diffused ventilation. The fresh, filtered outside air is not blown into the room, as you are used to from a traditional ventilation system, but the air is directed into the room at low speed thanks to the control system. As a result, drafts and noise pollution are a thing of the past and you have enough fresh air where you need it. Because this is permanently measured and regulated by the system, you experience a homogeneous, constant temperature experience and the temperature is the same both at the top of the room and low to the ground. And that means that you experience a pleasant indoor climate.

The benefits of AirMotion®

AirMotion® completely replaces a traditional heating system. With just one socket, the system heats, ventilates and cools the entire house. You always benefit from a wonderfully healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

  • A comfortable feeling everywhere in the house
    Thanks to the special control technology, a comfortable climate is achieved everywhere indoors. You will no longer experience any problems with drafts or drafts and it is pleasantly tasty both up and down.
  • Everything in one on 1 socket
    The system is heating, ventilation, cooling and fresh air in one. So you no longer need a separate heating, air conditioning or fan, but can heat, cool and ventilate the entire house with the electricity from one socket.
  • Energy-saving
    With the AirMotion® system you save on your energy costs. In addition, the energy label can go up 2 steps. Energy label A++ is even possible.
  • Always filtered fresh outside air
    Fresh outside air is filtered into the house. This ensures more comfort and a healthy indoor climate.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
    AirMotion® works with the refrigerant R32. This less environmentally harmful refrigerant reduces the environmental impact by 68% and ensures less CO2 emissions.
  • Exterior hood can be ordered in all RAL colors
    With the optional outdoor cover that is placed around the outdoor unit of your AirMotion® system, installation and maintenance is simplified and the noise of the outdoor unit is reduced.