The AirMotion® system is a unique system based on Fanger's theory of comfort. Different algorithms and hardware work together efficiently to achieve the most optimal comfort in terms of comfort. The system runs fully automatically and steers itself based on more than 50 parameters. The indoor climate is kept in perfect condition thanks to the monitoring of the VOC, the temperature and the relative humidity. The system detects when more people enter the room and will then provide more fresh air in the room. This way you always have a wonderfully comfortable feeling in the house and you benefit from fresh and healthy air indoors.

Always and everywhere a wonderfully comfortable feeling at home with AirMotion®

The AirMotion installation

The AirMotion® installation is a ready-made unit that consists of the sleekly designed AirMotion® 500 and the optional roof hood. The installation is suitable for both new and existing homes. The installation is simple and easy to maintain. The heat pump can be mounted and serviced from the inside. This well thought-out construction saves considerably on installation costs and also ensures low maintenance costs.

Technical information

AirMotion's smart software is self-learning and continuously corrects itself based on the temperature, CO2 concentration, air pressure and relative humidity and moisture concentration measured in the rooms. By arranging the molecules differently, there is ventilation with something unique; Diffuse ventilation. This means that the molecules move differently in the room than with traditional ventilation and heating systems. With the AirMotion® control system, the air is introduced into the room in a more targeted manner, at a much lower speed than we are used to. As a result, you will not be hindered by drafts and you will have plenty of fresh air where you need it. This is measured continuously to ensure that air quality is not compromised. AirMotion makes it possible to mix the present air quickly and efficiently with the blown in air, without the need for high air velocities. This creates a homogeneous temperature experience. The result of the simultaneous temperature course is noticeable throughout the room. Temperature differences above and below in the room are no longer perceptible. Cold radiation from, for example, windows, doors or floors is therefore a thing of the past.

No more cold radiation, but the same comfortable feeling everywhere in the room

A homogeneous climate experience

Temperature differences in the room are a thing of the past with the AirMotion® system. Cold radiation from windows, doors and floors is counteracted with this system. The elimination of this cold radiation is partly caused by the dynamic insulation layer that is created at surfaces that have a different temperature compared to the room temperature. Remaining complaints are often of a personal nature. Because settings of climate management systems are never set entirely to the individual, but always to an average, it will never be possible to eliminate all complaints. However, the system will adapt to your preferred settings. So if you want the temperature a little higher, the system will take this into account.