To heat

Does your central heating system need to be replaced or are you looking for a gasless heating system for your new-build home? Then AirMotion® is an excellent system for your home. No more radiators on the wall, but a personal weatherman in a cupboard that can be connected to one socket. Together with the air ducts, grilles, quality meters and chimney, AirMotion® ensures that the heated or cool air gets where it is needed.

The same comfortable warmth everywhere

You will feel the pleasant indoor climate throughout the room. Whether the sun is shining outside or the severe frost reigns, inside you can feel the same warmth everywhere. Windows, doors and floors also feel warm to the touch. The cold radiation is eliminated by the dynamic insulation layer. Warm air rises and cools. With AirMotionHome® this is a thing of the past. The regulated pressure creates a homogeneous temperature experience throughout the room. Temperature differences above and below in the room are no longer perceptible and that feels wonderfully comfortable.