A cozy home is a home where the indoor climate feels like optimum comfort. A house where you feel comfortable, both in summer and winter. Where the temperature is right, the humidity is optimal and the ventilation feels great. Research by Fanger shows that several parameters contribute to the feeling of well-being. To achieve a comfortable indoor climate in the home, AirMotion® has taken this comfort theory as a guideline.

Comfort or comfort is when one feels optimal thermally comfortable in his or her environment

Fanger's Comfort Index

Fanger stated that various parameters contribute to a comfortable feeling in people. Among other things, the temperature, the air speed, the water vapor pressure, the relative humidity, the composition of the air content of toxic substances and odors (VOC content) and the dust content of the air determine the feeling of comfort. The sensors of the AirMotion® system measure these and many other parameters and control the control technology accordingly. That works completely automatically. Are more people entering the room? This will then be noticed by the system and more fresh air will be introduced into the room. You can also indicate your personal preferences. If you prefer it to be a bit warmer in the house, you can simply set it. The system will notice this and will adapt to your wishes in the future.

AirMotion and comfort

AirMotion® controls more than 50 different parameters and thus ensures that all variables are optimal to make people comfortable. For example, it also pays attention to the toxic substances that are present in the air (VOC content). These substances are known to have a harmful effect on human health. By filtering these substances, clean, fresh and healthy air is introduced into the space of the home. In addition to the VOC content, the AirMotion® system also takes temperature, humidity and many other variables into account. Keeping these optimal ensures that the air in the home is within the comfort range, as indicated in the Mollier diagram.